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PEPS Community MN Rewards

Posted on 11 April, 2020 by Administrator

PEPS Community MN Rewards

Project PEPS - Masternode Collector's Rewards

PEPS presents Community Rewards for PEPS Masternodes. Now owning more masternodes will be rewarding and exciting.


How to participate

Just register on this portal and login into your account. Now go to your profile page and put your masternodes pubkey in relevant fields. You need to complete each list to claim it's rewards. Every list will give you reward so that you can claim at completion of every masternode list. Make sure you upload a screenshot of your wallet's 'Masternode' page. All pubkeys must be clearly visible in your screenshot.


How to claim reward

The masternode lists are separated in four lists. When you complete a list, you can claim your reward for that list. You can claim rewards for completing masternode lists one by one or all at once.

To claim, please fill the claim form. You need to upload the screenshot of your wallet's masternode page with clear list of your masternodes. Once one of PEPS admin confirms your claim, you will be rewarded the same.


When will you receive Community Reward

Next Community rewards will be paid on 30th May, 2020. You can add as much masternodes as you can until the date. Your reward will be sent to the PEPS address provided by you in your profile, so make sure you have correct address to receive PEPS. If you already completed MN level before last reward date but did not receive reward, you will get it on the next reward distribution.

If you nee any help, our community is there to help you. Here is the list of PEPS community channels:

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