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PEPS Wallet General FAQs

  1. To download windows or Linux or Mac wallet, please go to this website:

    Now, just click on the relevant OS you want and extract it to any folder of your location. Just run the PEPS-QT.exe or dmg to start, it will help you install.

PEPS Coin Staking / POS Reward FAQs

  1. PEPS Core wallet is programmed to stake PEPS coins by default. However, you can add this like in your peps.conf file to make sure it stakes:

    • You must not lock the wallet with a password to stake. If PEPS wallet is protected with a password, it will not stake for better security. 
    • You must have the right weight of coins on the network. If you do not have enough coins, your stake reward may take longer to be awarded. More coins you have, quicker you will get your stake / POS reward.
    • Your internet connection must be dedicated. Some connections, such as mobile internet keeps on changing IP address. This change can make PEPS wallet to start staking again for security reason.